Now B-12 Instant, 75 Packets

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  • Convenient and fast-acting 
  • B-Complex, Chromium, and Creatine 
  • Three forms of B-12 including Co-Enzymes 
  • Stay alert and sharp, in every situation* 
  • An instant source of on-the-go energy, when you need it most!*

As lives get busier, so does the demand for the right mix of energy and mood supporting nutrients. NOW®B-12 Instant Energy combines three forms of B-12 for maximum utilization by the body. This perfectly balanced formula takes the guesswork out of staying well-fueled by providing a mix of the most beneficial compounds in one easy-to-use formula. With synergistic nutrients such as Chromium, Creatine and six other B-vitamins, NOW®B-12 Instant Energy can give you the spark you need, no matter where life takes you.*


75 Packets